To the relief of many fans, Blizzard Entertainment has changed the requirements needed to attain one of World of Warcraft‘s Achievements. First introduced in the 2008 Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Achievements are goals that players can reach which allow them to obtain exclusive mounts. Achievements may also be part of the reason the amount of World of Warcraft players has stayed in the millions despite the fact that the MMORPG was released so long ago. However, some of the requirements for these Achievements have been frustrating players.

To obtain the exclusive Violet Proto-Drake mount, players had to obtain the What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been meta Achievement, which could not be obtained unless players obtained the For the Children meta Achievement. This Achievement was obtained through the seasonal Children’s Week event and could only be achieved once the player obtained the frustrating School of Hard Knocks Achievement. What made this smaller Achievement so frustrating is that it required players to accomplish difficult feats in PvP over the course of Children’s Week–an event which only happens once a year. These difficult feats included capturing and scoring an enemy flag in a specific game mode or assaulting a Tower in the Alterac Valley game type as their Children’s Week orphan follows. The irritatingly difficult School of Hard Knocks Achievement may have caused some fans to question whether WoW is even still worth playing.

Blizzard has answered the prayers of many players by no longer requiring the School of Hard Knocks Achievement as a prerequisite to obtaining the Violet Proto-Drake mount. As reported by GameSpot, Blizzard deployed a hotfix that notes that the School of Hard Knocks Achievement is no longer needed to obtain the For the Children Achievement. The School of Hard Knocks Achievement will still be available for players to obtain, but it will no longer be tied to any larger Achievements.

This news comes as a relief to many players who want the Violet Proto-Drake mount and would rather engage in PvE gameplay than PvP, especially when the PvP necessary for the Achievement is extremely challenging. Furthermore, Blizzard making this change shows that it is still catering to WoW‘s fanbase by adding player-requested updates to the long-running MMORPG. This is especially appreciated by the fanbase, as small quality-of-life changes for the game keep the World of Warcraft community going strong and shows the studio’s dedication to its successful 2004 title. It is in a similar vein that Blizzard launched the World of Warcraft: Classic servers–a much requested server that allows players to experience WoW as it was when it was first released.

With the announcement of the change in one of its frustrating Achievements and the rerelease of Wrath of the Lich King in WoW: ClassicWorld of Warcraft may just appeal to a new generation of fans. At the very least, longtime fans will likely appreciate these changes, and relish the opportunity to gain the Violet Proto-Drake mount with more ease than ever before.

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