The Thor: Love and Thunder trailer offered the first look at Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, but a new photo makes her look even better than the footage suggested. After exiting the franchise following Thor: The Dark World, Portman’s return as Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the sequel’s most exciting prospects. The movie is expected to adapt her comic book storyline where Jane has cancer but she transforms into a superhero through the power of Mjolnir. In the case of the MCU, this means a reforged Mjolnir after Hela destroyed the weapon in Thor: Ragnarok.

Despite all of the fanfare behind Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor transformation, the first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer didn’t fully showcase the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new hero. The teaser for Taika Waititi’s movie focused on Chris Hemsworth’s Thor finding his own way forward, but Marvel ended the trailer with the Mighty Thor reveal. A superpowered Jane Foster is shown wielding Mjolnir in front of a shocked Thor as a fight takes place around them on Earth. Due to the brief nature of the shot and the dark setting, the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer didn’t really do Mighty Thor justice. She looks good in the footage — Portman’s mighty biceps are particularly notable — but this only scratched the surface of how truly great the transformation appears in the movie.

Thanks to a new Thor: Love and Thunder image that shows Mighty Thor and Thor standing together in broad daylight, the true perfection of Natalie Portman’s new Jane Foster look can be seen. The photo provides a crystal clear view of Mighty Thor’s costume and Portman’s Mighty Thor transformation. The costume looks amazing in this setting and very much like an updated version of some of Thor’s prior MCU costumes. The Thor: Love and Thunder photo also is a great tease for what Portman is bringing to the character. It not only reinforces her physical transformation to play a superhero but even her stance brings a certain power to the character. And since she’s standing opposite Thor, the fact that it is so easy to believe Jane Foster as Mighty Thor proves how Portman is so well-suited for this part.

Jane Foster in Thor in the MCU and Mighty Thor in Marvel Comics

The pairing with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is a huge point in Natalie Portman’s favor as Mighty Thor. Hemsworth is known for his own jaw-dropping transformation to play the God of Thunder, but Portman looks just as powerful standing next to him. That is a great sign of how Thor: Love and Thunder can sell their power dynamic. Furthermore, this image illustrates why the MCU’s Phase 4 changed Thor’s costume in such a drastic way. Adding the blue and gold to his costume not only is a connection to the comics, but it allows Thor and Mighty Thor’s costumes to be visually different. It’s quite an accomplishment, though, that Mighty Thor’s suit still stands out for its classic design and looks so good when Thor’s colorful suit is right next to her.

All in all, the more glimpses of Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor that Marvel shares only further increase the excitement for her debut. Even seeing Mighty Thor unmasked is a big step, as it will allow the Academy Award-winning actress to act without half of her face being concealed. It also has massive story implications as Thor will discover that Jane Foster now wields the power of Mjolnir. As the Thor: Love and Thunder marketing continues, it will be great to continue seeing more of Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor transformation and stellar costume.

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