Members of the Halo Infinite development team at 343 Industries have responded to player backlash against the game’s big Season 2 update on Twitter. Infinite has been on the market for over 5 months, but the game has been plagued by extensive criticism of its multiplayer suite and its dwindling player base. The broadly negative reception of Season 1 had many players expecting significant improvements to the game itself by the time Season 2 rolled out.

Some of Halo Infinite‘s most frequently criticized problems have been the lack of maps and modes, the restrictive progression and customization, and the numerous bugs and server issues. While 343 Industries confirmed two new maps, a new mode, and a more open battle pass for Season 2, the actual update has been widely panned since its launch this week. The new Last Spartan Standing mode is already suffering from bugs that affect challenge progression, and there’s even another new glitch that causes semi-automatic guns to “jam” or skip a shot during repeated fire. Pro players also note that high-level strategies involving difficult “skips” across maps have been removed, and competitors aren’t very happy about that.

343 Industries’ senior community manager John Junyszek and creative lead Joseph Staten have now tweeted in response to the considerable complaints over Season 2. Staten said that although the week since launch has been “bumpy,” the team is still taking all the feedback to heart and is currently reviewing options regarding map jumps and speedrunning. Junyszek provided more detail in his own thread, saying that Last Spartan Standing challenge progression is now fixed. Event challenges will also be made easier by next week, and completing them will now grant players two levels on the free Event Pass.

By way of apology, Junyszek added that anyone who logs into Halo Infinite during the ongoing Interference event will receive five free XP Boosts and five free Challenge Swaps. While Junyszek stated that 343 can’t promise anything yet regarding map jumping and speedrunning, the team is now working on potential solutions. He further encouraged players to keep any constructive feedback coming and to continue reporting issues to 343’s support team.

Despite the fact that 343 Industries has noticeably improved its communication about Halo Infinite over time, the game itself has not improved at the same rate. Season 2’s technical problems have been another blow to the beleaguered title when it should have brought players back to the fold. While many fans are encouraged by the updates and look forward to the future of Halo Infinite, just as many others feel that the Season 2 update is too little too late – even if everything in it had worked at launch.

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