Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to declare his love for Elden Ring, saying exactly what its many players think about the FromSoftware release. The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is one of the millions of players who have partaken in the adventures in the Lands Between. He’s also one of several celebrities who have quested for the Erdtree, along with other celebrity Elden Ring fans like WWE star Randy Orton, whose in-game level is surprisingly high.

Since launching in February, Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest entry in its SoulsBorne series, has become the fastest-selling title of its legacy, impressing countless players with its style, immersion, and gameplay. Despite staying true to its infamous roots of a notoriously difficult action RPG, Elden Ring has managed to captivate players with an experience unique to the Lands Between. From its impressive visuals to its spellbinding atmosphere, to the tense combat that made the series famous in the first place, the game has managed to provide something for everyone as they explore Elden Ring‘s deadly landscape.

In a recent Twitter post, Elon Musk gave a one-sentence review of Elden Ring that says exactly what almost every player of the game is thinking. “Elden Ring, experienced in its entirety, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen,” Musk tweeted, with the post quickly gaining traction from players in agreement. Many users responded by sharing several content-related posts like builds, memes, and even fan art. Musk went on to engage another user about his build preference, promising an image of his full build in the future.

This isn’t the first time Musk has revealed himself to be a fan of the FromSoftware game, with the billionaire recently tweeting about his Elden Ring character and build. Musk revealed his Tarnished is a magic-user, detailing his preferred set-up for venturing into the game world. Players have come from all backgrounds to share their experiences with Elden Ring within the community, with nearly every piece of the game’s experience at the core of a different discussion. When one can step back and look at how all of Elden Ring comes together as a single experience, it’s not surprising that many share Musk’s sentiments regarding Elden Ring.

For many fans, Elden Ring represents a refinement of FromSoftware’s entire Soulsborne lineage. Many attempts by companies to achieve similar mainstream success have ended in disaster. Usually, this is a result of a company compromising a series’ integrity in order to achieve mass appeal. Yet Elden Ring has managed to perfect its series legacy and still become recognized as one of the greatest games this year. By staying true to the experience only a Soulsborne game can provide, Elden Ring may have become, if Elon Musk’s comments are anything to go by, a true artistic masterpiece.

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